Evening Cruise by Putri Pompom Liveaboard 邦邦岛 傍晚漂亮的画布

At Pom Pom Island, you can enjoy the evening cruise by Putri Pompom Liveaboard with a reasonable price ! The cruise started at the late afternoon and we sailed to Mantabuan Island.. When the sun started going down over the Boheydulong mountain, sky turned the color to the gradation of yellow, orange, purple and red, then the flash of the sun [...]

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A big group from Shanghai 特别来宾

Welcome friends ! from SHANGHAI. A big group from Shanghai visited Pom Pom Resort and enjoyed their summer holiday with us. Hawksbill baby turtles were born just on time at their arrival as like they welcoming the group. They enjoyed their 4nights stay with snorkeling, diving and Sailing with a Liveaboard, Massage treatment at the Spa, Lobster and special seafoods, BBQ at [...]

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Visit Pom Pom Fruits Garden ! 邦邦火龙果园结果子了!!

              Have you ever seen dragon fruit..? or Have you ever tasted dragon fruit before..?? Dragon fruit contains Vitamin C, Fiber and effective as antioxidant health benefits. There are many dragon fruits in the Pom Pom Garden, our dragon fruits are sweet growing up under the riched sunshine ! Our [...]

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Mr Pom Pom visited Pom Pom Island ! 当邦邦遇见了邦邦岛

                                        A lovely couple from China arrived here yesterday with big smiles they were happy  to see our island is very beautiful more than expected.  They selected to stay at our island because the nickname of [...]

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Pom Pom Cultural Dance Show 邦邦传统文化舞蹈

                          A special dance event was performed by Pom Pom Staff on 17 July. The dancers are consists of Housekeepers and Office staff, all were in the traditional costumes hand made by Mosia at Housekeeping Manager. 7月17日晚上 邦邦岛为大家准备了特别的舞蹈表演,都是由邦邦 客房服务的工作人员和办公室工作人员呈现,所穿的传统服装都是由Mosia经理手工制成的。         [...]

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Hatching of the hawksbill turtle nest 玳瑁小海龟孵化了 !!!

        Hatching of the hawksbill nest on 9 July...this is the 2nd hatching of this month and we estimate another two more nests hatching soon toward the end of July ! 7 月 9 日孵化的玳瑁龟巢......这是这个月的第二孵化,我们估计还会有另两个更多的巢即将来临,最快7月底会孵化哟!                                   [...]

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Welcome again Mr. Zhang Hao & Ms. Hao Ying! 欢迎张浩和郝莹再次来到邦邦岛

Honeymoon trip in Apr 2013 Honeymoon trip in Apr 2013                                 The Pom Pom Island Resort & Spa Management would like to welcome back again to our repeater guests from China, Mr. Zhang Hao & Mrs. [...]

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Putri Pom Pom Full Day Trip 邦邦公主号一日游

It’s a nice sunny weather to have a Full Day Putri Pom Pom Trip with 8 guests from China. We departed around 9:30 am and headed to Sibuan Island passing by Bohey dulang and Mantabuan Island. Guests were enjoying their time together by taking pictures and sightseeing of island along the cruise. When we arrived [...]

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Dive tour to Mantabuan Island 曼达布安岛潜水行程

The dive tour to Mantabuan Island 5th June. Mantabuan Island is surrounded by a huge coral reef with turquoise blue color sea and white sand beach. In the Pom Pom Resort, we provide a daily excursion tour for snorkeling and diving. It's an easy and convenient trip just grab the  equipment from the Dive Centre [...]

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