Our coral conservation team has a new artificial reef and a new entry: the Chinese dive instructor Mya!

This week the coral conservation team has been busy planting corals on the new frame and surveying the little guys plated in the last few months!

The coral conservation team build artificial reefs to promote marine life in areas destroyed by the dynamite.

Help us to protect this extraordinary wild habitat, joining our coral adoption program!

With the coral adoption, you will directly contribute to the preservation of coral reefs!

1 Name Your Coral

Indicate the name you like to give him. The coral will be selected in order to respect the local biodiversity.

 2 We Plant It

Twice a week, our coral conservation team plant the adopted coral on one of the artificial reef.  

3 Receive Your Certificate

 You will receive a certificate with a photo and all the info about your coral.

Take action and plant corals!

Get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to protect this extraordinary and unique habitat.

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