Last night, our Turtle Conservation Team ventured out with some guests to patrol the island and look for turtle tracks!

We rounded all the island, but we couldn’t find any turtle track…and we were quite disappointed.

At the end of the walk, at beach villa 1, suddenly we spotted beautiful green turtle coming up from the sea…

It was an amazing view and everyone assisted to this extraordinary natural event.

During turtle landing, it is very important to stay out of the turtle’s way. We try to don’t put our hands on or near the turtle, because any distraction may frighten or disorient them, causing a female to return to the sea before finishing her nesting.

Also light can cause a major disruption, so we don’t use any flashlights, flash photography or video equipment.

Last night, our turtle was in a quite well-lighted place…so, we could take some pictures and video!


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