On 24th July, the conservation team got new coral gardeners, Tom and Rein!

Despite their age, the 2 divers planted with me and Jussry a lot of coral on our artificial reefs, located in Mandarin house-reef at a depth of 12 meters.

We started with a short briefing on the dive site and coral planting techniques…. and we spent 52 minutes in underwater, planting corals and assisting to a spectacular event: the artificial reef colonisation by fishes and invertebrates.

During the planting, we spotted nudibranchs,  shrimps, moray eels, a couple of huge angelfish, boxfish … 🙂



Coral reefs provide habitats and shelter for many marine organisms and their health and biodiversity is fundamental for supporting life in marine ecosystems.

Help us to protect this extraordinary wild habitat, joining our coral adoption program!

Take action and plant corals!

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