Coral reef ecosystems have been an essential part of the way of life and survival of island communities since ancient times. Coral reefs provide a home for more than 25% of all marine species including fish, mollusk, worms, crustaceans, echinoderms, sponges, tunicate and other cnidarias. With an annual global economic value of $375 billion, coral reefs provide food and resources for over 500 million people in 94 countries and territories. But tragically, coral reefs are in crisis. Of local threats to coral reefs, overfishing and damaging fishing techniques such as deep water trawling and the use of explosives and cyanide, are the most destructive. As is the case with many coral reefs, all is not well below the turquoise waters of our island paradise. In many areas, the vibrant coral reefs and bountiful harvests of fish and other marine life they once provided are slowly disappearing. Some reef areas where coral and fish communities once thrived are now barren frameworks of dead coral.

Our coral reef must be saved!

Here in Pom Pom Island Resort, we are taking action to protect our coral reefs.

Coral restoration activities, conducted by our Conservation Team, are a crucial part of the recovery efforts. Corals are a keystone species in the reef ecosystem, providing essential habitat and supporting an amazing diversity of life. The restoration of coral communities is necessary for the recovery and resilience of local fisheries and the conservation of marine resources.

Coral fragments are harvested as loose pieces by our Conservation Team and transplanted to artificial reefs, locate in areas that need a helping hand in getting coral communities reestablished.

Our artificial reefs provide new habitat for marine wildlife, making it possible to re-grow faster ecosystem and a solid substrate for corals to grow in the best conditions possible. We use different substrates to be the most suitable possible to the area identified.


With the coral adoption, you contribute directly to the preservation of coral reefs and marine ecosystems on which we all depend, including you.

How Does It Work?

1. Name Your Coral

Your donation ensures the sustainability and growth of our programs. When you process your coral adoption indicate the name you like to give him. The coral will be selected in order to respect the balance of the local biodiversity.

2. We Plant It For You

Your adopted coral goes on the fundraising list and contributes to funding the transplantation operations. Once a week, our team plant it on one of the dedicated artificial reef.

3. Receive Your Certificate

You will receive a personalized certificate with a photo and GPS location of your coral.

4. Join the coral planting

You can join the program here in Pom Pom and help us in transplanting corals.

Best of all, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to protect this extraordinary wild habitat.