Yup! Exactly! There’s nothing like us. This time my entry would be about our spa. I have the tendencies to pamper myself a lot especially when I’m on vacation, well, I bet you’re also the same, aren’t you? And best place to pamper yourself would be…Exactly! Spa! Truth to be told, we have the best island spa ever!!!

Why so?

Well, lets us have sneak peek at it *wink


Right at entrance! Looking nice, isn’t? But something’s missing…ohh yeah… You missed out the smell. Our spa has the most fragrant smell. The kind of smell that lift up all your concerns away.


Besides the entrance, we have the waiting area. You can sit around comfortably while choosing our treatment package.


Attention ladies, we have this area here for Menicure and Pedicure as well as foot massage. You know how priceless our nails are *wink

And foot massage is always the best after walking all the day long.

IMG_20160930_110457 IMG_20160930_110541

A water fountain is always a must in a spa. But in our spa, we have a water fountain with a river…Muahahaha

The sound of water running will definitely give you double…nope…triple peace~~ness that you’re looking for.


Just imagine you’re lying comfortably surrounded by this sweet aromatic smell and the sound of water running filling the room… and there’s a smooth hand running through your back…slowly, all the stiffness and pain got pushed away…slowly, the fatigue you felt all along is now gone. Before you know it, you’re already fallen asleep…fallen into a deep sleep like Sleeping Beauty.

IMG_20160930_112051 IMG_20160930_112009 IMG_20160930_111909











Our spa actually got different rooms setting…

If you’re couple, you could use the couple room to get your massage and if you want to spend some family bond time…you could use our 3-bedded room.

It’s up to your preferences. My Beloved guest~~~you just name it! *smiley~~face


Here are some products that we sell in our spa. It’s called Natural Rigin, which is made from…obviously natural ingredients. This product is just soo special… It absolutely got: No toxic petrochemical, No synthetic fragrances and coloring, No SLS, No Betaines, No Propylene Glycol, and No artificial preservatives like paraben.

We have 24 variances of essence oil and guess what??? We made our own coconut oil… 100% handmade! Yeah… sadly, I cannot share you the recipe…it’s our heirloom, so yeahhh…it’s a top secret.


Attention guys! Yup! This one is your muse. While the girls prettied up…the guys also should toughen it up.


Well, that’s all for now. I keep it simple for now…after all, it’s just a sneak peek. There’s more to come.

Till next time~~~ see ya!


Posted by Siti