Nesting season of sea turtles has been started here at Pom Pom Island !

We already collected many turtle nests as it’s going to almost full at our hatchery.

In this year, nesting turtles are often spotted near our resort compared with previous years, our guests are lucky to witness some nesting turtles came up besides the beach bar which was already happened 2 times in this month !



We relocate turtle nests to our hatchery after mother turtle back to the sea to protect the nest until the hatching of baby turtles which takes about 45~ 60 days.  All baby turtles are released from Pom Pom Beach and back to the ocean.. only a few survived female turtles will come back to the same beach for nesting after 20 years later.. It is such a precious opportunity to witness the part of life cycle of sea turtles.