GONG XI FA CAI 2016 !!!

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Many Tourist from China stayed with us to spend Chinese New Year here at Pom Pom Resort.

At the event of “Lucky Draw” on New Year Eve of 7th February, Bonus gifts were given to the ” lucky guests ” such as free massage, free diving, free one bottle of wine..etc..  Our Head Chef and Pastry Chef performed a live-cooking of Fried noodles and Pan Cake Crepes at the restaurant on the new year days of 8-9 February.  Many people enjoyed  Seafoods of Lobsters, Tiger Prawns,fish and steamboat, our Chef cooked those items in various cooking styles according to the guest request.     Dance & Game Events were conducted by Our cultural dancers,  Pom Pom Jewel @Hiphop dancers and Music [email protected] Team.   Special Liveaboard Cruise on 8 Feb were arranged wishing for the departure toward lucky 2016,  the tour were full booked and the guest might spend their unique new year day under bright sunshines and snorkeling in the crystal clear sea.


在2月7日除夕夜的“抽奖”活动,每一位“幸运嘉宾”都有奖金礼品 ,如免费按摩,自由潜水, 红酒一瓶等等。



舞蹈与游戏活动是由我们的文化舞者,,  Pom Pom Jewel @Hiphop dancers 和声乐队@Achar Team进行。