Trip to Sipadan Island

At 745 we got picked up and headed the 60km south to Sipadan Island.

We dived 3 times. First at Turtle Patch with its lovely Corals and steep wall to see lots of small critters but no sharks this time.

Andrei Intruder





After a break on the Island we headed to Barracuda Point where we got treated to a large school of Jacks, one Grey Reef shark in the Distance and numerous White Tip Reefsharks as well as two Octopus and a Napoleon Wrasse, but only one lonely Barracuda. No sign of the Big school.

Nudi 1 Nemo





Intruder Scorpion Fish





After a break on the Island for Lunch we headed for the third Dive to Coral Garden which held up to its Name with some great Corals and schools of smaller Fish. One lonely White Tip reefshark and some Turtles brightend up our day 🙂


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