Discovery Scuba Diving with Mrs Han

Mrs Han from China experienced her first dive in her life assisted by our friendly Dive Manager Mirko and a Dive Master Suna.

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Thanks Mrs Han to join us !

The feedback message from Mrs Han

I have my first diving at 19th Nov. It’s a so funny experience. At first I was afraid because I supposed not to be able to breath air from the regulator. But Thanks to the coach Mirko, he gave me so many confidence, and then we went down for one meter, two meters, three, four…at last 8 meters maybe Ha Ha ^_^ so funny.  I love water, I love swim, maybe I will love diving from now on from Pom Pom… I hope you can understand what I say ^^; ( my poor English – _ -; )  Thank you coach Mirko, thank you Suna ( beautiful Korean girl), thank you Pom Pom ! I wish you always peace, Pom Pom !



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