Are you a diver? Looking for new experiences? Come join us at Pom Pom Island Resort for a unique experience: Coral Planting! You can not only enjoy a dive, but also contribute to the regeneration of our planet’s coral reefs. Pom Pom island in the past was a blast fishing site, which has destroyed most of the corals in the area. To help speed up the recovery process, we are actively planting corals and YOU can be a part of it. IMG_0317


Here are some photos of  a recent coral planting dive with a 13 year old boy from the Philippines.


Breaking the coral into manageable pieces (Because of the coral rubble substrate, corals do not have a stable substrate to grow. They require a stable substrate that keeps them close to the sun to photosynthesize.)

IMG_0514 IMG_0526


Cable tying corals to the frame.

IMG_0543IMG_0535 IMG_0547


Planted corals.


Mission complete!

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