Two nests in one night!

Yesterday we were very lucky finding 44 green turtles and 114 hawksbill
turtles and released them to the sea. It was amazing to see all the
hatchlings crawling out of the nests! After all the concern about the ant
predation I can happily say there were no ants found inside the nests!!

All the guests were invited to see the hatching and the release into the
sea! Everybody seemed very excited to be able to see and specially the
small ones asked a lot of questions about where they will go next. Thank
you to everybody for their cooperation in not using flash to take pictures
of the hatchlings.




























We will be opening the nests today to see what is left inside but not

expecting to find much since both nests were very successful and almost
all the hatchlings made it out with only a little encouragement to start
them off on their journey. With so many being released at once we hope
they have a good chance at survival in the sea and will come back to our
island in 20/30 years.


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