92% Hatching success rate!

Baby turtle


The nest sponsored by Kunihiro and Keiko Eguchi was laid on the 21/4 and hatched on the 13/6 after 53 days of incubation.

It hatched during the morning with 55 hatchlings coming out of the 60 eggs that were laid.

The hatchlings were kept in a dark and cool place for them too sleep and save their energy until it was time to release them as the sun went down. It was raining however with the enthusiasm of the hatchlings to start their journey into the sea and the excitement of the guests we all went to the area where the nest was collected and released the turtles at 18:30.
Here are some of the pictures taken of the hatchlings.

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)

photo 1 (3)

Thank you very much Mr & Mrs Eguchi for your kind support toward our turtle conservation !

Mr & Mrs Eguchi


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