Congratulations for 200 dives !

masumi 2

On 4th May, Ms Masumi san from Japan reached her 200 dives at Pom Pom housereef dive.

Dive team made a surprised party for Masumi, she is very happy celebrated by the dive staffs and other guest.



masumi 1

Masumi also enjoyed communication with our staffs and Spa treatment…also she was very lucky to witness the turtle eggs transferred to the hatchery by our turtle patrol. ますみさんはスタッフとのコミュニケーションやスパも満喫。。ラッキーなことにビーチから保護した海亀の巣の植え換え作業も見れました。

masumi 3

Thank you for staying with us Masumi, and we hope to see you again soon!

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