Last week we have our repeater guest from Sweden in the house. They are three of them, Matts, Sofia and their wonderful daughter, Anaise. They are very keen on the conservation activity in Pom Pom. They even never missed the daily awareness talk. Anaise also did the Marine Biologist dive with our Resident Marine Biologist, Melissa. Because of their concern to the environment and would like to be part of the solution, they decided to take a small steps by adopt a reef in Pom Pom and named it Anaise Reef. Since the family stayed in Pom Pom for 2 weeks, they had the experienced to make the coral frame.

With the help from the technical staff, they created the metal frame by bending and welding the metal concrete to a design that been proposed.



After that we started to paint the metal frame with resin & covered it by sand to create natural substrate.



After done covering the metal frame with 3 layers of sand, we leave it one whole day under the sun to make sure it’s fully dry.

IMG_3971On the 11th of April 2014, we officially deployed our Pom Pom Coral Reef No.3 or known as Anaise Reef.

IMG_4019Anaise planting the corals on the metal frames.

IMG_0087 IMG_0084

Done planting! Grows well dear baby corals! we will revisit you weekly to clean the frames and monthly to measure your growth.


10268270_10202611263616235_1549845296_nCongratulation to Anaise for participating the Marine Biology Dive & adopting a reef in Pom Pom!

Thank you very much to the Karlsson family from Sweden for being part of the solution.

Hope to see you during your next visit!

“Conservation & Restoration for Future Generations”

Posted by: Melissa Mangalis