Switching off the lights for Earth Hour 2014 on 29th March 2014 (Saturday), showing Pom Pom Island Resort commitment to action on climate change. As our catch phrase for Earth Hour “One Person can Make a Difference!”, we believed that even in a small community, we able to reduce the climate change.

The event started with Earth Hour Video show to give an idea to the in-house guest and staff on the meaning of Earth Hour. Then, earth hour countdown with the guest. Then, we enjoyed our 60mins ++ without lights.

We pledge to support Earth Hour!

This is our action!

Earth Hour 60+

Pom Pom staff
















It was a wonderful night. The Earth Hour 2014 leads people to unite and aware on the climate change! Credit to WWF Earth Hour official video for spread the words to people who are watching the video clip.  Click for the Earth Hour Official Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FovYv8vf5_E


We were here in Pom Pom Celebrating Earth Hour!

Earth Hour Cake!








Earth Hour 2014 Remembrance


Thank you for your kind support!!  😀

“One person can make a Difference!” 

Posted by: Melissa Mangalis