On the 27th of September a young female adult turtle was found washed up on the beach in front of our beach villas and it was badly injured. There was a large wound on her head, and it didn’t look like she would survive the morning. Our resident marine biologist, along with other staff members, tried several things to help her; including returning her to the water, but there was little response.

So the Pom Pom Island Resort’s management team collaborated with those from TRACC, a nearby volunteer campsite, to move the turtle to a more favorable place, and try to treat her. We then contacted the Semporna Wildlife Department, to arrange to have her moved to their facility in Kota Kinabalu.




photo 2

We decided to call her Lulu, and are happy to report that Lulu has made an amazing recovery. She is now opening her eyes, and moving about. This is a great example of people from different company’s collaborating for a great cause. And we want to thank the Semporna Wildlife Department for coming all the way down to Pick Lulu up from the jetty, and transporting her back to their facility, where she could be taken care of.

We will update this blog as Lulu continues to recover, and hopefully have some new pictures to document her progress. We appreciate everyone involved for their contributions.