Edwin’s Diary

Why not try to stay  in a living diamond ? Here at Pom Pom Island is a beautiful island with crystal clear water, it’s just like a nature diamond & gems. Can’t believe it? I show some of the pictures here.

Crystal Clear Water

Crystal Clear Water


living diamond 2

is it pink sapphire??…. you can find the scenes of gems..

Look this fine visibility, we can view a stingray and clownfish and I can shoot the photos from the jetty without zoom my camera. Besides, the views like a diamond & gems here and give you wonderful memories.

Crystal clear water, stingray visible

Crystal clear water, stingray visible

So that’s why I call Pom Pom Island is a living Diamond.

Visit  Pom Pom Island to feel the  perfect paradise !

living diamond 4

The red gem rising ( sunrise )


living diamond 5

The red gem rest… ( sunset )