Special Dinner / 特别晚餐

Seafood Dinner1

In Pom Pom island, the seafoods dish is very popular among our guests which you can enjoy the fresh seafoods with a reasonable price !

The materials are limited and first come & first served with a prior booking.  Our Chinese guests Mr.Feng & Ms.Peng also enjoyed the seafood of lobster & tiger prawns tonight, it is nice to have a deluxe dinner especially for a memorial and special day.


在邦邦岛我们有提供海鲜套餐,您能以很合理的价格就能品尝到新鲜的海鲜套餐。您必需先预定。我们的顾客Mr Feng  和Ms Peng 在这里吃了龙虾和老虎虾的海鲜套,让他们留下了一个美好的回忆。

ポンポン島ではシーフードがゲストに大人気!新鮮なシーフードがお手軽料金で楽しめるのが魅力。数量限定のため事前予約要&先着順。中国からのお客様Mr.Feng & Ms.Pengも今晩ロブスターとタイガープローンを楽しんだのよ。このシーフードディナーは記念日や特別な日のデラックスディナーにピッタリだわね!

Seafood Dinner2


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