Bohaydulang Jungle Trekking Tour

Jason’s Diary

bohaydulang 1

Today is sunny day,  I feel  happy  to accompany Mr Izadeen family to go for jungle trekking to  Bohaydulang island. We departed from pom pom island at 9.30am and arrived Bohaydulang island about 10.00 am.

bohaydulang 2

Before we went for jungle trekking ,Our staff Rayner brought us to see the giant clam research centre where we can see how the marine biologist help to reproduce the sea shells.

bohaydulang 3

After that, trekking guide gave us a short briefing  then we started our journey..The whole trekking journey took about  1 hour 20 minutes. The trekking load to the peak is about 600m, we saw many tropical trees,insects,hornbill birds,and huge rocks. Look the picture,the view from the peak is amazing !

bohaydulang 5

After the  jungle trekking ,we went for snorkeling trip to Mantabuan Island. We saw many different kinds of fish and colorful corals. At  the end Mr Izadeen family  very enjoyed with this trip.

bohaydulang 4

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