On the 6th of September 2012, Dr. Sue & Dr. Mike participate the Coral Planting Program by planting 12 corals on the Coral Frame no. 2.

Dr. Sue planting a coral

Dr. Sue & Dr. Mike

After finish planting their adopted corals, both of them helping me to clean our Pom Pom Coral Frame no. 2 and measure the growth rate. They are very good in dealing with the corals.

On the next day, Harriet Iwamoto also join the coral planting by volunteering plant 20 individual corals on our coral frame no.2. After that, helping me measure the corals.

Harriet planting the coral

Harriet measuring the corals

All of them really enjoy planting the corals.

Thank you for your kind supports our effort in restoring Pom Pom reef.

Congratulation Dr. Sue & Dr. Mike!

Congratulation Harriet & Husband!

Thank you for making a Difference!