Thank you to Simona & Giacomo for Adopting a Nest & Turtle!

On the 13th of August 2012, while Simona & Giacomo jogging at Pom Pom Island beach around 6:45 in the morning, they saw a huge green turtle doing the sand bathing. It was quite late for the turtle to go back to the water as the sun already starts to rise.

Giacomo ran back to the resort and try to get help from our turtle patroller, Roberto and try to grab a camera from their room. While Simona take care of the Green Turtle in the end of the resort boundary or we called it Sector E.

At the time Giacomo arrive with his camera, the turtle already start to crawled back to the sea and he didn’t manage to take a nice picture of the mother turtle and same goes Roberto, he didn’t manage to tag the turtle and measure the turtle carapace.

Next their proceed to transfer the turtle eggs to our hatchery and Simona & Giacomo decided to sponsored the nest (G. with 80 eggs.

Simona & Giacomo also decided to adopt a turtle. They adopted a Green Turtle with (BJ 0627, BJ 0628) tag and they named it ‘TARTA’.

Hopefully TARTA will come back soon to lay the next clutches of eggs and we counting the weeks for their turtle eggs to hatch!

Thank you SIMONA & GIACOMO for your kind sponsorship. Your sponsorship will use to protect and preserve the Turtles around Pom Pom Island.

“Thank you for making a Difference!”

Simona & Giacomo adopt a nest and Turtle!

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