Thank you to Marco & Simona!

Thank you to MARCO & SIMONA for the kind sponsorship of a Green Turtle nest (G.

The story begin when both of them found the turtle digging her body pit just in front their villa around 12:30am. They come and inform us the Pom Pom Turtle Team and we heading to the scene..,

Guess what? Sophia the ‘Bruni Family’ adopted turtle revisit Pom Pom beach to lay eggs. She laid 99 eggs.

Marco & Simona decided to sponsored the nest that they found and adopting a green turtle with (BJ 0625, BJ 0626) tag and they named it CAROLA.

Thank you very much for the kind sponsors and this sponsorship might helps a lot in conserving Pom Pom Turtles.

“Conservation for Future Generation”

Marco & Simona!

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