Hawksbill Turtle landed on Freshly Cleaned Beach!

Yeay! we cleaned the beach!

We did it!

Yesterday afternoon, we did the beach cleanup and collected 40 bags of trash in total.. When finished the cleaning, it was very wonderful to see the beach so clean.

And last night we had Hawksbill turtle come and laid eggs around the area that we cleaned yesterday afternoon. This is the first Hawksbill turtle landed in Pom Pom Island for this year. She laid 150 turtle eggs in total. Hopefully there will be more turtle landing soon!!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the pictures of the hawksbill turtle laying eggs last night. But she was huge with 80cm long (CCL) and 70cm width (CCW).

The turtle eggs safely translocate at our Turtle hatchery. Within 50-56 days incubation we will have new Hawksbill baby turtle born in our hatchery!!

Herewith I share some pictures of the Hawksbill turtle this morning we spotted just in front of our jetty. She’s a female Hawksbill turtle, hopefully soon she will laid some more eggs on Pom Pom beach!

Look at the beak..

She's feeding just in front of our jetty!

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