Pom Pom Island Resort Support The EARTH HOUR!!!

Last night we did celebrate the Earth Hour in Pom Pom Island Resort. During the day, we busy with the preparation; design the Earth Hour sign on the sand, video show, Pom Pom Earth Hour Pledge and BBQ dinner preparation.


During the night, we started the night by BBQ dinner and Earth Hour video show as introduction to the guest.

During the Earth Hour, we gather at the restaurant main entrance surrounding the Earth Hour sign on the sand light up by a candle.

It was very natural like decades years ago, only lighten by moonlight and candles. Plus, thousand of bright star on the sky, the sound of waves hit the beach give the nature feels and the winds blow completed the beautiful night in Pom Pom.

Earth Hour sign by candles!

60mins or more..

After finished light up all the candles of the Earth Hour sign on the sand, we start to take a group photos as remembrance.

We support EARTH HOUR!!

Support EARTH HOUR 2012!

“Thank you very much to all staff and in house guest that supporting the Earth Hour, hopefully this is only the beginning for us to save the Earth and will continues reduce the usage of electricity to help reduce the climate change.”

Pom Pom Earth Hour Pledge..

Thank you too to all that sign the Earth Hour Pledge. We can save the WORLD!!

“One person can make a difference”


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