Pom Pom Beach Cleanup on 24 April 2012

Yesterday, Pom Pom Conservation Department organized the Beach Cleanup around Pom Pom Island. 25 volunteers in total joined the beach cleanup activity.

Volunteers group photo

Group photo while cleaning the beach







We started the cleaning activity at 3:15 pm after a short briefing.

Many trash especially plastic bottles, styrofoam and plastic bags collected along the beach. These trash been brought by the current from the mainland and other villagers island.

Other than trash, many drifted wood lays on the beach also been brought up by the current. We collect it and some of the huge drifted woods we arrange it vertically to avoid turtle landing disturbance.

All the volunteers give good cooperation and they were enjoy cleaning the beach.

In the end of the activity, 29 big plastic bags full of trash been collected.

29 plastic bags full of trash been collected

We did it!








The beach cleanup activity ended by some refreshment.

Thank you for those who involved directly and indirectly!!


“One person can make a difference”

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