A story of one early morning in Pom Pom Island!

This early morning after monitoring the coral spawning project, I saw 2 green turtles having their breakfast on our seagrass bed. Both of them are very friendly. I came near and took some pictures of them. So cute..

2 Green Turtles having their Breakfast


On my way back to beach, suddenly I saw something moving vertically on the sand bed. It was an eel!! Wow… it just playing hide & seek with me. When I pretending like not moving, it comes up again. Picture below I snap it.

The hide & seek sandy snake eel

Plus, while I’m busy snap the pictures of the  sandy snake eel, suddenly again I saw something flat moving. What is it??? It is the flatfish or known as flounder. It has the camouflage behavior makes people hard to see them..


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