Research Diving at the housereef

Fefe’s Diary

Ron and I went for a research-diving at our housereef. It was a beautiful day with clear water and calm flat sea, and the visibility was amazing, it was about 25-30meters. We spent 1hour and 30minutes for this diving, Ron showed me a lot of things such as :yellow Leaf Fish, Crocodile Fish, Bat Fish, a lots of  different kinds of shrimps and nudibranchs, all of them were found in the shallow water. Ron is the one of the best dive guide that I have ever met in my life.  


At the “safety stop”, I was in 5 meters and swimming around a rock. At that moment I saw a little white with green spotted thing. I looked it carefully and ….I said: Yes!!!! It’s My favorite fish, Clown Frog Fish!!

I called Ron to show it to him and we took so many pictures.

During ascending to the surface, I thought: ’’Look!! I could see the beautiful things and the dive only can give us these great gift.”

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