Manaka san & Ele & Koichi san

A friendly couple, Koichi san & Manaka san from Japan, they experienced their first diving with our dive instructor Ele ! They were lucky to see the turtles in the underwater during their diving. Discovery Sucuba Diving course ( DSD) is a first stage of diving experience programme which is very popular among our guest. Also, you can get a credit toward the Open Water Diver when you want to proceed to become a certified diver !

In Pom Pom island, you can discover the new experience with our friendly and professional instructors, Ele & Fefe !

日本からいらっしゃったコウイチさんとマナカさん。初めてのダイビングをインストラクターのエレと一緒に楽しんだのよ。ダイビング中は海亀も見ることができてとてもラッキーだったわね!この体験ダイビングコース( Discovery Scuba Diving Course)はゲストの間でも超人気のダイビング初心者のコース。また、この講習で受けた内容はダイビングライセンスを取得する際にも有効なのよ。まだダイビング未経験の方!ポンポン島でプロフェッショナルでフレンドリーなインストラクター・エレ&フェフェと新しい体験をしてみませんか?!