Pom Pom Island Resort is one of the resort that have white sandy beaches and treasures of macrolife in the reefs area. Other than that, a lots of turtles and other marine life can be found around here. Because of the natural biodiversity that we have here, we start to put on a practice to conserve them in order to maintain the diversity in the ecosystem.

Last 17th September 2011, Pom Pom Island Resort won award from Tourism Malaysia in Italy because of the Turtle Conservation Program that we running here. We have a turtle hatchery to translocate the turtle eggs from other threats. Plus, by having the turtle hatchery, guests have the chances to see the baby turtle born.

Therefore, bundles of appreciation to the Tourism Malaysia in Italy and also our guests that support our conservation efforts in Pom Pom Island Resort. We were very proud of these awards and will keep on conserving and preserving the marine life in Pom Pom Island Resort for our generation!

“Conservation for Future Generation”

Award from Tourism Malaysia in Italy