Bohey Dulang & Mantabuan Trip with FAM group!

Depart to Mantabuan

Arrived at Bohey Dulang






Yesterday morning, we planned to go to Mantabuan and Bohey Dulang Island for snorkelling and diving activities, but because of the weather, we postponed to afternoon trip. We depart from Pom Pom Island at 2.30pm using 2 diving boats and heading to Mantabuan Island. 1 boat assist the divers and 1 boat assist the Snorkelling group. We go snorkelling at Mantabuan area and saw turtle, fishes and varieties of corals. Plus, the water visibility is very good. After an hour snorkelling, we having tea break onboard while heading to Bohey Dulang Island.

Melissa & Ele snorkelling at Mantabuan

Visit the Marine Research Centre







As we arrived at the Bohey Dulang, we visit the Marine Research Centre. The guest really enjoy with the first experienced deals with the abalone. Other than abalone, giant clam and phytoplankton (the juvenile giant clam food) also been cultured in that hatchery. After that, we continue our snorkelling activity at the lagoon area. We saw a lots of cardinal fish and other fishes.
Overall, the guest enjoy the trip and at night time one of the Pom Pom staff making a simple slideshow of the pictures taken that afternoon. Everybody happy and having a lots of fun on that day!!