Discover Scuba Diving or also known as DSD is a first experience underwater guided by the instructor. This DSD was credit toward PADI Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver. In Pom Pom Island Resort, we have two friendly Dive Instructors that will guide the DSD activities.

Eleonora (Ele) is one of the famous Dive Instructor with the DSD activities in Pom Pom. Last week, 6 persons from local guest and China join the DSD for their first experience underwater with Ele and they enjoy their underwater experience. Not forgetting Ferdinando (Fefe), he also does the same job with Ele to guide the DSD activities. Few days ago, Fefe guide bubblemaker guest from Norway 4 times. The 8 years old boy enjoy so much diving with Fefe and cannot stop until he does 4 times during their visit to Pom Pom. Fefe also guide the DSD guest from China, and he was very impress with our variety of fishes and turtles.