Most people coming to our Resort enjoy nature and what better way to relax and unwind than to spend an hour or two bird watching.   We have received many guests who love to spend time watching our feathered friends and at Pom Pom we have some unusual species to add to your birding list.  To help with spotting our rare Barred Rail, we have erected an Hide to have some shelter from the sun, and also to make it a bit easier to see this shy creature.  With fold down windows on 3 sides, and a bench set so you can rest your arms when using your binoculars, it certainly makes it more comfortable.

On another note, our Barred Rail at Pom Pom has had its own mention in the latest edition of Quentin Phillipps book, Birds of Borneo which is now for sale in most book stores, so thank you Mr Phillipps for your support.