More baby green turtles were born this week at 6.30pm,  Yan checked the nests and saw that inside one of the nests, the sand had dropped, 5 minutes after that, we saw the first turtle, the rest followed very fast!  We had to run round the resort to let all the guests know that the babies were coming, within 20 minutes all the babies were up, we had 79 babies out of 90 eggs, so a good hatch rate again, this time for Eman, he found these eggs on his own.

Nearly all the guests were able to come and enjoy the spectacle.  Its so nice to share this with our guests, a very special moment to watch the babies running down to the sea!

At 3.30am, we had a second nest born, this time Fefe stayed up to check the nest.  Certainly an early start to the morning!  We had 95 babies out of 109 eggs!