Today and tomorrow staff from every department at Pom Pom Island Resort are helping to clean the beaches at Pom Pom Island.  We always clean our own section of beach, but due to tides and current, there has been more rubbish washed up at the back of the Island.  So this morning everyone gathered at 8am with lots of bin bags and plastic protective gloves to make the big clean.  We went round the island collecting as much rubbish as possible, we are separating the plastic bottles for recycling.


The main benefit is for the turtles nesting beaches but it will also help other marine and bird life.  We will be starting again tomorrow morning looking to finish collecting the rubbish.  This will be continued on a monthly basis with all staff participating.


The team setting off.

Lots of rubbish. 回収したたくさんのゴミ。。。

Agnes getting some plastic from underneath the leaves. アグネス、枯葉の下からプラスチックを回収中。