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Ms.Chie Murashita visited Pom Pom from Japan, and her travel report has been introduced in Japan Marine Diving Magazine.

Monthly Magazine “Marine Diving” http://marinediving.com/

千恵さんのコメント(紙面より一部抜粋)/ Comment from Ms. Chie

Hotel – エコリゾートが誇る充実のホスピタリティ


Hotel -Wide hospitality with Eco Resort

We selected the Water Villa which we used to dream for our vacation someday. It was so great that we could enjoy luxurious sea views. There are types of Villas in Pom Pom which are Beach Villas & Garden Villas, each villa is detached by one Villa and is wide & large built in an exotic malay traditional style.  There are various menus in Restaurant, drinks & desserts are available all the time so that we can free to take them when we wish. Also, there is a water filter facility in the island, fresh water is supplied to all the rooms. It’s a wonderful Eco Resort, you can find hospitalities everywhere, this is the reason that many Europeans visit this resort. 

Diving -マクロ天国のフォトフィールド


Diving -Photo fields with the heaven of macro Life

About the diving service, I felt like a Queen with the service given by the Dive Centre, Dive staff wash and take care of all equipment everyday, also on our departure, the equipment was well dried and sent back to our room in for our check out.  The Resort provides 3 dives per day, we can also enjoy self diving at the house reef as well. Instructors are cheerful & friendly, they guide the dive spot and support us well.  It was mainly drift Diving with gentle current, we saw orangutang crabs, boxer shrimps, Mandarin Fish, Leaf fish, there are many other kinds of creatures in each dive sites, recommended to Photo Divers.

村下千恵様 ポンポン島のレポート、どうもありがとうございました。

マリンダイビング様 ツアーレポートの掲載、どうもありがとうございました。

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