~Sally’s Diary~

The Dive Staff were very happy to meet Amelia Ng, the marine biologist from Mataking and Gavin Jolis from WWF, Semporna.  They came to Pom Pom to  give a talk to our guests and staff about the  Sea Turtles and Conservation methods,  Sally gave a short talk beforehand about the Conservation efforts made by Pom Pom Island Resort then Gavin showed us a slide show giving lots of very helpful information.



The next morning, we all walked round the island, and have started mapping out the turtle nesting zones.  This will help us to keep official records of the turtle nests and how successful they are.  At the moment, no scientists have any information for the sea turtles in this area, so along with Amelia Ng at Mataking, we will be the
first, which is very exciting.  If anyone wants any information about how we are getting on, please let us know.


turtle zone - Copy

Map of turtle nesting zone...zone 1 to zone 6