~Sally’s Diary~

We have just say a sad goodbye to our lovely Japanese guests who have been diving with us.  For me the best dive we had together was at Drops Coral yesterday morning, it was one of those amazing dives when you can’t believe your eyes, and wonder how it can get any better.  We started our dive with some nice nudibranch, and then came across a painted frogfish.  This was quite funny, as when I tried to show the frog fish to Noriko san, she thought at first I was trying to show her the Lionfish sitting beside it.



Mrs. Shibazaki 2


Mr.Shibazaki 1

As we carried on with our dive, we came across a shoal of large Bumphead Parrotfish, which I always love as they have such great horse like teeth, a little further on at about 10 metres, we were suddenly surrounded by a large shoal of big barracuda which leisurely spent some time watching us and circling slowly round and round.  At the end of the dive, when we all surfaced, we were all shouting with excitement at all the great fish we had seen.

ダイビングを続けているところ、私の大のお気に入りのカンムリブダイに遭遇!あの馬みたいな歯がなんともたまらないわ。それからもう10メートル先に行ったところ突然大きなバラクーダの群れに囲まれちゃったのよ!ゆっくりゆっくりと時折私たちのほうをみながら回遊していたわ。海面にエキジットしたときは みんなで歓声を上げて大喜びだったわ!

Mr.Shibazaki 2


Mr.Shibazaki 3


Photos at Mantabuan & Pom PomIsland by Mr.& Mrs.Shibazaki