One of our guest is a Chef from Italy.

Our Pom Pom Chef Lan & Chef Mitri and Italian Chef Michele exchanged their experiences Asian Cooking & Italian Cooking.



From Lan to Mr.Michele

Menu : Meehoon Soup  ランからミケーレさんへ*お題:ミーフンスープ

lan cooking

meehoon soup

meehoon soup

Chef Michele to Pom Pom Chef  Lan & Chef Mitri……
What they are cooking is….?
シェフ ミケーレさんからラン&ミトリーへは。。。
Pizza 1
Pizza !!!

Pizza !!! Buono !!!

This Pizza is served to the all the guest  at the Dinner Buffet .
We enjoyed Real Italian taste !
Chef Lan & Chef Michele & Chef Mitri

Chef Lan & Chef Michele & Chef Mitri

Thank you, Chef Michele !!!