Marine Diving Fair,Tokyo in Japan 3.4.5.April…

Marine Diving Fair / Beach Resort Fair is the largest diving and beach resort exhibition in Asia with more than 50,000 attendees !



Pom Pom Desk @ U-tour

Pom Pom Desk @ U-tour

Many Customers visited U-tour ( booth,and listened to our introduction of Pom Pom Island Resort.

Also, some of the Japanese Guests who visited Pom Pom last year went there to visit us…! I am glad to know they really love Pom Pom ,and I could see them again in Japan.

たくさんのお客様がユーツアー (さんのブースを訪れ、ポンポン島をご紹介させていただきました。


Some of the Presents from Pom Pom Guests at the  Diving Fair…前回ポンポンを訪れてくださったお客様からいただいたプレゼントを数点ご紹介。。


Pictures on the poster were taken in Pom Pom….from the Producer for Underwater Camera Housing  “Seatool”

防水カメラハウジングメーカー”Seatool” 様より、ポスターをいただきました。ポスター内の写真は全てポンポン島で撮影されたもの!


Post Card Photo Collections from Mr.F…..ポンポン写真のポストカードを作ってくださったF様。。

Photo Collection Book from Mr.Kikuchi…キクチ様よりいただいたポンポン島写真集。。

The Diving show ended with success, we appreciate all the visitors, U-tour, and Marine Diving Magazine which supported us all this time.


Thank you ! (Syida & Yasmin & Daisy)

Thank you ! (Syida & Yasmin & Daisy)