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There is never a dull moment at Pom Pom Island resort. For the adventurous we offer kayaking and snorkeling or if that sounds like too much hard work then why not take a stroll on our white sand beaches or simply sit back and soak up the rays

Night diving ,Night turtle patrolling and Night baby turtles releasing are temporary stop until further notice.


For sea lovers there are

  • Diving
  • Snorkeling and swimming, either from the beach or the jetty
  • Kayak Rental
    • It takes about 1 hour to kayak around our island, the best times are either early in the morning or after 4pm in the evening to avoid the heat of the day and enjoy cool sea breezes

For sporting enthusiasts we have:

  • Beach volleyball
  • Enjoy a game of football with the workers of Pompom
  • Bicycling/Running
    • Enjoy bicycling or running around our jogging/bike track where you can see the vegetable gardens and fruit trees or you can watch the sunset and enjoy romantic walks on the beach.
  • Bohaydulong Island Trekking
  • For our guests who want to spend longer exploring the nearby islands, we have recently introduced a trek at Bohaydulong Island, where you can climb up to 366 metre view point over the other islands. After that, you can then a visit the Marine Park Research centre into Giant Clams. We take our morning break, then our guests can enjoy snorkelling within the lagoon. We take a picnic lunch which we can enjoy either at Bohaydulong or Mantabuan Island on the beach depending on tides times. After that we continue snorkelling around the beautiful corals gardens within the Marine Park then returning home to Pom Pom later in the afternoon.

For those who want relax inside, there is a pool table, board games, and our bar area with seating area. In the evenings, our Dive Instructors can be found at our Dive Desk where you can check through our fish and macro books to identify the discoveries of the day and plan for the following day

1511, 2016

Marine Life of Pom Pom Island 邦邦岛的海洋生态

November 15th, 2016|Categories: Conservation, Recreation|Comments Off on Marine Life of Pom Pom Island 邦邦岛的海洋生态

Would you like to meet some adult green turtles? Would you like to learn how to identify marine animals? Would you like to discover the mysteries of the ocean deep? With one of the most [...]

1510, 2016

Excavating the Sea Turtle Nest – A Memorable Experience 一个难忘的经历 – 海龟巢挖掘活动

October 15th, 2016|Categories: Conservation, News, Recreation|Comments Off on Excavating the Sea Turtle Nest – A Memorable Experience 一个难忘的经历 – 海龟巢挖掘活动

Hello! I’m so happy to get to tell you about guests’ recent experience excavating sea turtle nests at Pom Pom Island Resort! Our Marine biologist and conservation team excavate nests to collect data after eggs [...]

1010, 2016

Baby Turtles Release 释放海龟宝宝

October 10th, 2016|Categories: Conservation, News, Recreation|Comments Off on Baby Turtles Release 释放海龟宝宝

This first week of October in Pom Pom Resort has been amazing! Thanks to our conservation efforts, more than 200 baby turtles have been released into the Sea. 邦邦岛精彩的十月黄金周! 超过200只海龟宝宝在我们保育团队的努力下被释放回大海。   Happy Journey!! 一路顺风!!

510, 2016

Cultural dancers at Pom Pom Resort

October 5th, 2016|Categories: News, Recreation|Tags: , , , , |Comments Off on Cultural dancers at Pom Pom Resort

Occasionally, on very special night, our very own staff from Housekeeping department would make a performance to entertain all the guests on the island. They’re more than capable of doing many different kind of cultural [...]