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Thank you to Simona & Daniela!

Last week on the 23rd of August, Simona & Daniela from Italy sponsored a nest with code G. And after 5 days they left Pom Pom which is on the 28th August 2012 afternoon, their adopted baby turtle hatched and we release them back to the sea. All over 58 baby green turtle safely release [...]

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Thank you to Simona & Giacomo for Adopting a Nest & Turtle!

On the 13th of August 2012, while Simona & Giacomo jogging at Pom Pom Island beach around 6:45 in the morning, they saw a huge green turtle doing the sand bathing. It was quite late for the turtle to go back to the water as the sun already starts to rise. Giacomo ran back to [...]

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Thank you to Marco & Simona!

Thank you to MARCO & SIMONA for the kind sponsorship of a Green Turtle nest (G. The story begin when both of them found the turtle digging her body pit just in front their villa around 12:30am. They come and inform us the Pom Pom Turtle Team and we heading to the scene.., Guess [...]

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Thank you for Adopting the Corals!

On the 1st of August 2012, 1 lovely family from Singapore participate the Coral Adoption Program (Mr. Malcolm, Mrs. Teresa, Jessica, Gabrielle and Robecca). They adopted 2o corals in total with 4 coral each of them. They planted the coral on the Frame no. 2. The Harrow Family! Eventhough in the morning the [...]

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Thank you to ‘The Bruni Family’

Many thanks to 'the BRUNI family' from Singapore. On the 2nd August 2012, there is one huge female Green turtle coming up to laying eggs on Pom Pom beach. She had been found by 1 kind family from Australia. She is a huge Green Turtle with the tags BJ 0629 & BJ 0630. Her last [...]

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Spotted ‘False Killer Whale’ on Pom Pom Waters!

Yesterday after deploying the Coral Frame no.2 we (me, Ferdinando, Rayner, Ron, Capt. Haris & Oliver) proceed to check the buoy line around Pom Pom dive site. Guess what?? We spotted a huge dorsal fin and caudal fin appears on the water surface near the Northern Valley dive site! Plus, it blows the water from its [...]

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Sea Turtle Camp 2012 at Pom Pom Island Resort!!

World Sea Turtle Day on 16th June been observed throughout the world to celebrate the unique and importance of sea turtles (WWF-Malaysia, 2012). We here in Pom Pom Island Resort celebrate it by co-organized the Sea Turtle Camp 2012 which been organized by WWF-Malaysia. Thank you to WWF-Malaysia because invite us to be the co-organizer of this big [...]

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Earned Award from Tripadvisor!!

Pom Pom Island Resort earned the prestigious 2012 Certificate of Excellence award from Tripadvisor. This is the second year we earned the certificate of excellence award after last year 2011. We are very proud to earn the Certificate of Excellence because only the very best in the business are awarded this certificate. Thank you very [...]

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