A few years ago, we started a coral reef restoration project to help our gorgeous housereef to recover from the past events of fish bombing practice.

Pom Pom Island reef was full of macrolife, sea turtles and soft corals, but still lacking in hard corals formations.

Our marine biologist, with the help of the coral conservation team, tested several artificial reefs and different depths to accelerate the coral reef recovery phase.

Domes, biorocks and coral trees have been deployed in the restoration area;

coral tree

Coral Domes

coral growth

Coral Tree

Concrete blocks

To respect the biodiversity of the area, and increase the genetic variability, only natural coral fragments have been planted on the structures using biodegradable cable ties.

Coral collection and planting

After 3 years, the housereef has changed from this:

Pom Pom Housereef Before!

To this:

Pom Pom Housereef now!

A big thank you go to the coral conservation team and to all the volunteers from China, Italy, USA, UK, Russia, Slovenia, Brasil, Portougal, Singapore that help us to daily plant new coral fragments!

A special thanks to Massimo. This amazing coral volunteer has been working with us for 2 times during the last year.

You can help us to restore more meters of reef!

Join our marine conservation intership or adopt a coral.

More info: sky@pompomisland.com or oriana@pompomisland.com