Hello Pom Pom Lovers!

We have very exciting news for you all: The Pom Pom Turtle Camp!

Volunteer program for sea turtle conservation and preservation

Pom Pom Sea Turtle Conservation Camp gives you the unique chance to explore the beautiful world of sea turtles and the warm, pristine waters of the Celebes Sea!

Are you passionate about marine biology? Do you want to learn more about tropical sea turtles and marine life? If so, join us!

Our mission

Our camp is dedicated to protecting sea turtles, restoring damaged coral reefs and cultivating love and respect for marine ecosystems.


Sea turtle camp: minimum stay 10 days. Max 10 students

Pom Pom Island is an important feeding and nesting ground for green (Chelonia mydas) and hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata) sea turtles. Here, sea turtles nest year round with a peak from June to September. In Sabah, sea turtles are protected by law, but unfortunately, poaching of turtle eggs is still a big threat to turtle populations.

Pom Pom Island Resort, in association with WWF-Malaysia and Sabah Wildlife Department, works to protect these amazing creatures. During the camp, you will learn how to recognize and monitor a sea turtle nest, relocate eggs in our sea turtle hatchery, release hatchlings and much more.

We offer packages for divers and non-divers!