Mantabuan 万达湾岛

Situated about 15min boat ride to the north east from Pom-pom Island, there is a beautiful and untouched island, Mantabuan. It was well protected by Sabah Marine Park Department, hence any visitor into this area is required to apply permit for entrance. Normally, unlike Sipadan in which the permit is very difficult to acquire, Mantabuan required only one day earlier to apply the permit. Besides that, it will definitely be cheaper than Sipadan.  The reefs around it, is filled with surprises that only those in it will find the treasures.

This day we brought a group of fun loving guests to this beautiful island, exploring the Scuba dive for the first time. Lucky them to have try diving for the first time in such a wonderful reef.  Just like how they described to me, it is like falling into a big aquarium. In fact the dive site they went is called aquarium.

We hope that more people will come to know this beautiful island and enjoy the stunning under water world in it.








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