Let’s sail together! 我们扬帆而去!

Bright sunny day! What do we do about it? The beach, the island, the coconut tree…… There is definitely another choice. Let’s sail together!

This days of Chinese New years we are thrived to have groups and groups of guests came along with us on a cruise with Pom-pom Liveaboard. It is another choice of exploring the sea in a very different way. Unlike the speed boat, we play games, relax on the sun lounger, make jokes and chat with friends and family on this big comfortable liveaboard. For those who love photography, this is definitely a best choice to capture some of the most special scenery which u won’t be able to do with speed boat. The beautiful scenery including the Island of Boheydulang, the cliff of Gaya Island and the panoramic view of the islands.

Those trips are extraordinary, with the guests who make it special. Elders are on the ship, enjoying the breeze and view. Fun time is never passed in memories!





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