Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013 from Pom Pom Island Resort !

We greet a new year 2013 with the special big events, and celebrated with  many guests from Netherlands,Sweden, Germany,Italy,Swiss, Australia,USA,England, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Japan !

The new year eve party started by a orchestral music with an elegant mode, we invited the musicians ” D’Arte Ensemble ” from Kota Kinabalu who have performed in many places across Asia, Europe, Russia and America. The D’Arte Ensemble is a truly a musical family consists of the cosmopolitan conductor & Violinist Mr.Yap Ling, Pianist Mrs.Grace Lee,  Violinist Miss.Yap Qin is their daughter, and  a cellist Yap Yi is their son.  

Then, we proceed to the Ethnic Dance show which perform a  particular steps and dance style as a symbol of the ethnic Kadazan, the one of the biggest ethnics in sabah, Malaysia.

After the dance show, guests were invited to the beach dance site by the special presenter DJ Mr.Richard!!! ,then started  ” Pocho Pocho Dance ” and proceed to Limbo Dance and Chair games, it was very enjoyable and everybody was so hot to challenge the games with the  rhythmical and comical MC performances by DJ Richard.

DJ Richard keep up the atmosphere heat to the count down until we all celebrate the moment to end up 2012 and meet with 2013 !!!!!

Thank you very much for the all guests who visited and support Pom Pom Island Resort, we wish your happiness and wellness, best wishes for 2013 !!!!

日本の皆様へ:今年もたくさんのお客様にポンポン島へお越しいただきました。ポンポン島に在る美しい環境に共感・ご支持をいただき、またスタッフひとりひとりにも大切に温かく接してくださった皆様のお心遣いに私達もとても励まされました。ポンポンリゾートをご愛顧くださるリピーターのお客様も含め全ての皆様に感謝と御礼を心より申し上げます。 今年もポンポンリゾートをどうぞ宜しくお願い致します。Pom Pom Island Resort 松岡ちえみ

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