30 11, 2009

Dive T-shirt 2

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First customer who got Dive T-shirt is....ダイブTシャツ最初のご購入者様は。。。 Mr.Bochi Bochi Group from Japan x 4 pax ! 日本から、ぼちぼち様x4名のご一行様! Check the travel blog by Bochi Bochi san http://umi07.exblog.jp ぼちぼちさんのブログでもポンポン旅行をUP! http://umi07.exblog.jp

18 11, 2009

Macro Life

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~Sally's Diary~ Sometimes its really difficult the first time to get divers to see the Macro life you are trying to show them, you are pointing away like a maniac and they nod and smile and you know that they don't see what you are trying to show them.  It takes a bit of time [...]

14 11, 2009

Photography in Beach Villa

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I took photos in beach villa to put them on our website. Mosia & Nor @ housekeeping help me to set up the room. ホームページに載せるためにビーチヴィラの写真撮影を行いました。ハウスキーピングのモシアとノルがお部屋のセッティングのお手伝いをしてくれました。 You can check our room information from our website as well ! ホームページでも客室情報を公開中!-

11 11, 2009

Yayasan Group visited Pom Pom

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Yayasan Group 25 pax from Tawau & Kota Kinabalu visited Pom Pom ! They reached to jetty with "Pom Pom♪ " calling.  地元、タワウとコタキナバルよりヤヤサングループ25名がポンポン島ご訪問。”ポンポン♪” の掛け声とともに桟橋に到着! They enjoyed walking around island, tea time, kayaking,swimming at sunset time, turtle watching from Jetty at night time. 島歩きをしたり、ティータイム、カヤックにサンセットスイミング、夜は桟橋から海亀ウォッチングを楽しみました。

9 11, 2009

Japan Marine Diving Magazine

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I received one parcel today .... 今日、私宛に小包が届きました。。。 When open the parcel, there is a .... 開封するとなんとそこには! Marine Diving Magazine http://marinediving.com/, the best popular Diving Magazine in Japan ! 日本でダイバーに超人気のマリンダイビングマガジン http://marinediving.com/が届きました! There are special pages for the introduction of Pom Pom, 4 pages with color,resort photos,underwater photos  & 2 pages with monochrome,further information of resort & dive sites [...]

8 11, 2009

Kevin Group from Kuala Lumpur

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Mr.Kevin Group 12 pax visited Pom Pom from Kuala Lumpur ! ~Sally's Diary~ The group of Malaysians from KL came to Pom Pom and in the afternoon we took them to Mantabuan for a snorkelling trip.  The weather was lovely, and the sea calm so perfect conditions for fish watching and enjoying the colourful reef life. [...]

6 11, 2009

English Garden ??

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~Sally's Diary~ The English Instructors were having a yearning for home and their English Gardens today, we decided to solve this need with some garden tidy up at the Dive Centre, leaves were swept up, weeds pulled up, trees were pruned and bushes were trimmed.  Everything looks just like a English Garden now, we just [...]

5 11, 2009

Wedding Photos

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One couple visited Pom Pom from Sarawak, Malaysia with photographer to take Wedding photos.マレーシアのサラワクから、1組のカップルが結婚式用の写真を撮りにフォトグラファーと共にポンポンにやって来ました。 Esa & Chiemi assisted them at water villa in sunset time.サンセットタイムにエッサとちえみも水上コテージにてお手伝い。。。 Check out other Wedding posts taken at Pom Pom Island

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